It's a Thankless Job for Your Rollers

Our lives are filled with conveniences. Many of these we don’t even think about, they’re just normal parts of our everyday life.

What started out as an expectation are now things we rely on without thought, notice, or care. Take the ice maker in your freezer for example (if you have one). That little engineering marvel. No longer do we have to fill and re-fill ice cube trays while spilling half of every tray creating a skating rink in the bottom of the freezer. But, if you have guests over and need ice and that little ice maker stops working it’s a wicked bummer. Now you’re thinking about it while someone high tails it to the store for a couple of bags of ice. Who can I call to get this fixed? How much will this cost? Should I just buy a brand-new unit? That little ice maker does a thankless job until it doesn’t work.

One thing I think we all may have is a doorbell. That thing is amazing. It lets us know when and where someone is and notifies us of both with a nice tone. The outside button just waits there like a Buckingham Palace Sentry until needed. Rain, snow, freeing cold, and oppressive heat. When that little bugger stops working it can be alarming. At my house, we first noticed it when the man came to read the water meter and the button stopped working. He pounded on our front door like something serious was happening outside. It was nerve wracking to say the least. We got it fixed lickedy split.

One you garage door there is an unsung hero. It moves and rotates every time your door goes up and down. It typically has between 7 and 9 friends on the door as well.

Overhead Door of Bangor ™The lonely garage door roller. It’s what keeps your door in the tracks. Holds it firmly while the door is high up in the air plays the most important role in the overall operation and safety of your door. It also can have a huge impact on how noisy or quiet your door operates. It simply performs day after day, week after week and so on. They last a looooong time. Here’s the thing, you never think about them until one reaches the end of its life. For safety’s sake alone you should go out and look at them, run your door and watch every one of them. Check for wobbling, rubbing, binding, anything that looks out of the ordinary. If you have concerns call us. Although true, you can change them yourself we strongly recommend you let a trained professional do the work. Not only have we performed this work many, many times we can also identify other areas of your door that may be causing the roller issue. Additionally, garage door rollers do have weight ratings and choosing the wrong roller for your application can have consequences. The safe operation of your door is our #1 concern, no exceptions.

Your garage door rollers perform a thankless job, under normal circumstances you shouldn’t have to think about them. Take a little care, give them an eyeball occasionally and give us a shout when you need them replaced. Your door will thank you and we promise to give your old rollers a proper send off.

Your Overhead Door of Bangor ™ Team.