Our lives are filled with conveniences. Many of these we don’t even think about, they’re just normal parts of our everyday life.

What started out as an expectation are now things we rely on without thought, notice, or care. Take the ice maker in your freezer for example (if you have one). That little engineering marvel. No longer do we have to fill and re-fill ice cube trays while spilling half of every tray creating a skating rink in the bottom of the freezer. But, if you have guests over and need ice and that little ice maker stops working it’s a wicked bummer.

The Fountain of Youth. The mystical spring thought to give everlasting life to whomever drank or bathed in it. As far as I know it’s not been found yet so the search continues.

We have our own rendition of the fountain of youth but it is not some magical elixir bubbling from the ground. It’s an entire team of specifically trained folks who do amazing work every day on garage doors for loads of great customers in Penobscot County and beyond.

There certainly are absolutes in life. One of those is the fact that you must change the oil in your car's engine or it will eventually stop working. How about taxes? Yep, those are absolute as well, we all pay them in one way or another. Do the speed limit, eat your vegetables, go easy on the cholesterol and sodium, get regular exercise. All these things have absolute consequences if completely ignored.

Here we are in 2017. The time, it seems, keeps getting faster and faster. Shoot, it seems like only yesterday my son was heading off to Kindergarten with a new backpack slung over his little shoulders and his mom tearing up as he waved out the bus window. Fast forward 17 years and he’s a recent college grad in what seems like a blink to me.

We know choosing a new garage door and system can be a daunting task. Between considering a style, selecting a color and worrying about price, it’s easy to get distracted and forget about one of the most important aspects