Do You Change the Oil in Your Car?

There certainly are absolutes in life. One of those is the fact that you must change the oil in your car's engine or it will eventually stop working. How about taxes? Yep, those are absolute as well, we all pay them in one way or another. Do the speed limit, eat your vegetables, go easy on the cholesterol and sodium, get regular exercise. All these things have absolute consequences if completely ignored.

One of the things we hear very frequently when talking to customers is that many are willing to wait for their garage door to break before they request our service. We get it, we really do and we'll be right here at or at the other end of the phone (207) 848-2866 when that time comes. That time will come, it's an absolute. Garage doors have come a long way in recent years but they will all break and cease to operate at some point.

Our friendly staff here at Overhead Door Company of Bangor ™ has meetings and then we meet again and once more just for good measure. Suffice to say that it takes a lot of well-handled details to make our little company successful and ultimately provide you with awesome service.

Garage Door Opener RepairOne such topic for conversation is preventive maintenance of garage doors. We actively seek out local companies and business that 1 garage door or maybe 100. In these cases, the driving factor for the maintenance is purely business. If their doors don't go up and down chances are they are losing money.

Your garage door too falls under the category of – it will break and waiting until it does have consequences. We have seen garage doors come down on cars, not go all the way up and get driven into. Among other things a poorly operating garage door can be responsible for a pet escaping or a skateboard to be broken. Incorrectly installed springs both torsion and extension have taught us that bad things can and do happen.

Then there are the luckiest of us who have electric garage door openers. That alone account for a very large percentage of the service calls we respond to annually.

All the previous information can be virtually eliminated by having us come out and do a routine service. Obviously, for your safety, we'd prefer you scheduled annually but if only a few customers in our service area call to have us come out and perform a Lube & Adjust based solely on this article it will be worth it.

One of the perks I have at work is a window. It's days like today when I look out and see the sun shining that I know Spring is just around the corner. Spring means we'll be in and out of our garages more than usual. After a long, cold, snowy winter let's all make sure our garage doors are safe.

After all, you're gonna change the oil in your car, right?

Your Overhead Door of Bangor ™ Team